For ease of printing your printable planners, here’s a handy trick. When you download a planner from the shop (the Fitness planner or the Budget planner for example), the pages are on separate PDF files : so you can print the pages as you want and to compose your personalized planner. But assembling the pages into one PDF file will enable you easier to print, if you want print large numbers of pages on double-sided or in the booklet mode.

So before printing, I suggest you prepare one PDF file containing all the pages that interest you in the order you have defined. Then you can print double-sided printing (see the article « Double-sided printing« ), or with the booklet function (see « Shaping and binding printed inserts« ).

For that, if you do not have appropriate software, I suggest you a great website: ilovepdf. Simple, complete and available in english, this website will enable you to merge PDF pages to create a single file of your ideal planner.

Also, I offer you the following documents to help you in your file realization :

  • A sheet for organizing pages
    (see picture on the right) to help you to list the pages and the disposition you want, in particular for a booklet printing.
    Organization – 24 pages (This document is adapted for a booklet of 24 pages but do not hesitate to reproduce it by adding or deleting pages.)



  • First, note the order in which you want to organize your pages / PDFs.Take the pages number per file into account (some are in double pages, for example). You can use the document to download above or make a little model to note the layout of your pages in read order. This step should not be neglected : it will enable you to be more effective for afterwards.
  • Then go to the website « ilovepdf » and click on « Merge PDF« 
  • drop PDFs you have chosen into the window (or use the « select PDF files » button). If some pages need to be repeated in your planner, import them as many times. If some pages must remain blank, use the PDF « blank pages »(you can download it above).
  • Combine PDFs in the order you want, according to your notes, by dragging them.
  • Then click on « Merge PDF ».
  • The download of your full PDF file will start automatically.
  • All you have to do is open this new PDF and print it in full.

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